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Eek!Cards #1: Da Da Da DUM(P)

Life is complicated. Some days I just can't manage to wade through it all and post a long meandering diatribe here about phonetics or my underpants or Cirque du Soleil.

(Hey, you want focus, go stare at a laser pointer. This is a topic buffet here. All you can stomach, plus a little bit more.)

"Eating canned tuna three meals a day in your underpants is many things. But 'complicated' is not one of them."

This pains me, because in past years, I did update every day, or close to it.

(In my defense, life wasn't so complicated back then. For one thing, I was unemployed for the first six months or so. Eating canned tuna three meals a day in your underpants is many things. But "complicated" is not one of them.)

So I've decided to do something about it. If I can't wax outrageous every day, I can at least check in with a snippet. A zinger. A mid-day quickie, if you will. And that's what I'm starting today, with a series of "Eek!Cards" I've been working on over at

(The "Eek!" is because they're a little snarky, and maybe a tad non-PC.

"Ah," you say smugly. "Just like all the other cards ever designed on that site, then. Bravo."

Hey, Eek!-scuuuuuuse me. I'm a late adopter. You get what you get. Harrumph.)

Today it begins; my first card is below. And every day, there'll be at least something new hanging out here on the site, scouts' honor. If these don't fly, maybe I'll recite old entries as podcasts. Or transcribe laxative commercial scripts with commentary. Or post pictures of politicians with wangs Photoshopped in.

Clearly, I'm reaching here. DON'T MAKE ME REACH, PEOPLE!

Ahem. In the meantime, your Eek!Card. Adieu. - Why, lookie here. It's the precise point when you became a colossal waste of my time.

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